Peach State CPA’s dedicated tax practice brings together a group of professionals whose aim is to ensure personal and business clients minimize their tax payments both now and in the future.

As you make business decisions, Peach State CPA wants to be there to help you strategically plan for your growth and profitability by providing the following tax support and services:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax compliance
  • Self-assessment and tax return services
  • Tax inquiry fee protection
  • Specialist services

Our Pro Tax Planner Program provides a proactive, client specific approach to tax strategy planning through:

  • Streamlining our clients’ expense recording and tracking process with our Expense Cloud Mobile App accessible via iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android mobile devices
  • Providing clients an effortless process for accurately adding expenditures, mileage, credit/debit card charges, and receipt images to their Pro Tax Planner account
  • Providing clients comprehensive expense reports and accurately accounting for their income tax deductions
  • Providing our clients’ tax preparer consistent financial information throughout the year
  • Being fully aware and knowledgeable of the various tax laws and rules
  • Providing innovative tax saving advice
  • Working with clients on tax planning matters
  • Keeping clients informed of ideas to help mitigate their tax liability

By using the latest technology, we are able to provide an efficient tax compliance and tax return service. This encompasses:

  • Staying informed on all the new tax laws and rules
  • Ensuring the timely production of tax computations
  • Ensuring all tax allowances and deductions are claimed

Added value.

In addition to our Pro Tax Planner Program, you will also receive our bookkeeping and financial reporting services at no additional costs. These bundled services will streamline your tasks involved with tax planning and preparation, recording income and expenses, data analysis, fiscal accountability, and financial reporting.